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Brazilian carnivals

Brazilian carnival is not just a holiday, it has become a brand known all over the world. Carnival in Venice is much older and its traditions go back centuries, but whoever you ask – most of the word “carnival” is associated with the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. although it is organized in other cities of Brazil, and in the neighbouring countries too. Just Brazilian carnivals once more promoted, and especially in Rio. In carnival invested an impressive amount of money: it is the placement of multiple cameras on a special cranes and helicopters hovering over the sambadrome, where the main action. Picture, broadcast on Brazilian TV, a very colorful and impressive, and many channels of other countries broadcast cuts of carnival in Rio during their news broadcasts. And Brazilian carnival is this: the sight is impressive.

Carnival in Rio has been in court for weeks and at this time the city stops working, closed everything, except for discos, clubs and other entertainment venues. Flights to Rio from Europe and USA sold out instantly, and the prices in hotels are doubled if not tripled. No seats available, begins the celebration of life, a true Orgy. The main events take place in the sambódromo. It is a road length of about one kilometer and a width of thirty meters. One side of the sambadrome busy lodges, three-tiered bunk or how much they cost, I don’t know, but I suspect that it is very expensive. The other side is occupied stands, broken into sectors and divided beeches in height. For foreigners there at the podium, and stands there for “friends”.

When the carnival begins, during the first three days in the procession attended the schools of Samba, which is not the highest class. Each neighborhood in Rio has its own Samba school, and preparing for the event goes on throughout the year. In school a decent amount of participants, which can reach up to three to four thousand people. To participate in the carnival to come up with the costumes, the theme of speech and music. The Samba schools are divided into groups, and each group their costumes, although they belong to the same school. The participants of the carnival held in the sambadrome in one hour at the same distance from all the stands, you see everything and everyone, so it doesn’t matter what sector to be in.

Cherished dream – to reach the final, where the winner will substantial cash prize. The money is allocated, as a rule, on the infrastructure of the district, but some usually spent more on the festivities on the occasion of winning. Walking around the area. The festival opens with a beauty contest, but instead of long-legged girls “beauties” choose among well-fed men, known as the Maumee. On the second day of the festival choose the most reputable MOMA, which receives from the mayor the keys of the city to the carnival.The carnival begins at sunset and continues till the morning. As I said, in the city during the day everything is closed, everyone is sleeping and resting after a stormy night. The city go large open trailers with musicians, all dance and sing.

Now about organizational cons of the carnival in Rio. They are, and the first of them is the difficulty for the participants of the procession in the presence of his team. To build participants allocated to the strip length of a few kilometers, where there is crowding and confusion, and the audience has to be engaged in a feverish search of their tribunes, to take their places according to the ticket. Pointers, but there is some intricate passages, where it is easy to get lost, plus there is the danger of being under the wheels of the bus because the road to Rio, unlike Sao Paulo. don’t overlap. The second trouble – crime. Around the sambadrome scurrying group of teenagers, who deftly cut the bags and steal cameras, they can easily push and even knock him down, and once stunned by the onslaught of the alien wakes up, he is short of cash or photographic equipment. And the third disadvantage is mountains of garbage under his feet, bottles, cans, packages, parts of costumes, lost in the rush, or the parts that fell from the platform.

But tourists at the carnival in Rio is coming more, and they come there specifically, while the carnival in Sao Paulo is organized more for the locals and he is not as famous as the carnival in Rio. Maybe there are not as colorful costumes and carnival floats, but it’s organized better: go transport to the sambadrome (in Rio you have to go by taxi or walk), there are signs, ticketing, organized a cafe with decent food and drinks, there is no crime, and, importantly, sambadrome equipped with bio-toilets, which no Rio.


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