Unusual festivals in February

Ideas for travel in February are not limited to, ski and beach vacation, vivid impressions can also be charged in the cities where this month will take place unusual festivals.

Tobogganing on the shovels

On 7 and 8 February at the American ski resort of angel fire, new Mexico, will host the world championship on skating with shovels mountains. Each contestant will have only two attempts to showcase the best speed, which, by the way, here can reach 60 km/h and above. The difficulty is that the shovel is not the most convenient device for skiing. The participants should sit on it so that the handle pointed forward, and to roll need, necessarily raising the hands and feet. Riding the shovels came up with the staff at that thus come down from the mountain after the end of the shift. This method took note and tourists, and with the 70-ies of the last century, riding the shovels turned into an annual event. To participate in the competition all students from 6 years of age (children have small blades and low hills). The fastest participants will be awarded cash prizes and other gifts. In addition to race, in the days of the championship also hosts a snow sculpture competition and music concerts.

The naked men festival

Festival of Hadak Matsuri (Hadaka Matsuri) is held in the Japanese city of Okayama for several centuries. Annually attended by about 3 thousand men that come to see tens of thousands of spectators. The tradition originated in the 16th century in the temple of Saidaiji, the priests who started the tradition on the eve of the lunar new year to throw the amulet into the crowd gathering near the temple. Amulets are a pair of painted sticks. Traditionally, fishers amulets clothes remain only loincloths (fundoshi) is similar to those worn by sumo wrestlers. Participants are treated to sake, then they run around around the temple, plunge into the icy waters of the river, take part in a wrestling competition. At midnight the priests thrown into the crowd amulets, and a real struggle, because caught a whole year will have good luck. The festival ends with fireworks. Try to catch the amulet can men aged 23 to 43 years, including tourists. This year the festival falls on February 15.

Pillow battle

A pillow fight is timed to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, will be held in San Francisco on February 14. This year the festival will be held for the ninth time. In last year’s event was attended by several hundred volunteers who fought with pillows for a few hours. Subsequently, the media reported that the consequences of the pillow fight was spent 5 thousand dollars.

The festival of early Rugby with silver ball

On 10 February in the town of St Ives (St. Ives) in the British County of Cornwall will be the oldest holiday, during which all over town players of opposing teams will try to take possession of the silver ball. This game — the oldest Cornish custom, which is already more than a thousand years, and is considered the ancestor of modern Rugby. Balls weighing under a pound made of wood and covered with pure silver. The task of the players is to win the ball. Typically, the game takes place in the extraordinary atmosphere of excitement and fun. Thousands of tourists come to the town to see how players dive for the trophy in the icy water, but also to participate in other festive events.

Mysterious weekend

Many tourists come in February in the town of Langley, Washington, USA, to feel like detectives. The annual “Mystery weekend” begins with 1984. In order to spice up a dreary winter weekend, the townspeople decided to write the script, full of mysteries and secrets, and organize the investigation. Since then, local residents regularly are preparing a new detective story, choose actors for the role of suspects and attract more new members detectives. To try his hand at conducting the investigation may still want to join the search, you just need to pay the fee of $ 10. Participants will be handed a newspaper article about the crime, the pictures of the suspects and a map showing the place where the crime was committed. Those who will disclose the crime, is a reward. This year the detective fever will cover the settlement of February 22-23.

The watermelon festival

From 12th to 15th of November in the Australian city of Moranbah will take place the watermelon festival. The city is known as

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Unusual festivals in February
Ideas for travel in February are not limited to, ski and beach vacation, vivid impressions can also be charged in the cities where this month will take place unusual festivals.…

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