Unusual and funny holidays in different countries

Holiday is fun, joy, good mood. All people celebrate birthdays, New year and Christmas. This is usual and understandable. But there are some wonderful, unusual and funny holidays world that are inherent to the traditions of only one country. They are very fascinating, although not always clear Slavic soul.

The British love funny holidays

“Catch the cheese”: an invigorating fun in the fresh air every last Monday in may is held in the city of Coopers hill. Participants looking for a huge wheel of cheese rolling down the slope of a high hill. The prize goes to the first person who catches the cheese.

“The bird people”: in the town of Bognor in early July, held an awesome contest. Participants in colorful feathered costumes and makeshift wings jumping from the tower into the sea. “Main bird” is the one who will last the longest in the air.

“Swimming in the swamp”: the British find it very funny and entertaining. On the last Monday of August in Wales, everyone in flippers and masks make the swim at 55 m in the swamp. And without exception, who decided on this, get prizes.

“Funny grimace” complements funny holidays UK. Celebrate it every third Saturday of September in the English town of Egremont. Contestants show off, making faces in the hope of a prize. People goofing around, having fun and posing for photos. All in bright clothes and with a great mood.

As Americans do for fun

In the U.S., too funny love the holidays, but Americans have my own definition of fun.

“Mountain oysters” – so the cowboys referred to as bull testicles. In may, the Texas state championship for their preparation. The winner is the one whose dish of fried bovine eggs will be more aromatic, appetizing and tastier. For some reason the Americans considered this competition to the category “funny holidays”.

“Butt naked” – so relieve stress in the state of California. Every second Saturday of July along the railroad built a long line of willing, and they all take off your pants in front of a drive-by trains. Must think passengers are very interesting to look at their naked bodies.

“Burning man”: at the end of August, the week before labor Day, thousands of Americans and visitors to the country are heading to the desert of Nevada to the city of sand. Everyone is trying to more fully demonstrate their creativity, resulting in unimaginable frilly clothes, nice accessories, brightly painted faces. Goal a week to live in a makeshift village. At the end of the festival the city and destroy the pathetic drumroll burn an effigy.

“Riding in coffins” – the sense of humor of the residents of the city of Manitou, who are happy to move down the mountain in coffins on wheels.

“Pirate day” on September 19, the Americans are going in a fun gang, put on the blindfold and provocatively singing songs predatory. These parties are really very positive. Today is pirate Day became an international holiday.

Fun on the battlefield

The most ridiculous holidays many people associated with gambling battles. Shells are vegetables, fruits, and other products.

“Throwing eggs”: the action takes place annually in the UK. In recent times the celebration involves not only the British, but residents of other countries. Held a variety of contests: throwing eggs on the range, accuracy, “Russian roulette”, the relay on the transfer of raw eggs. People laughing and gets a lot of positive emotions.

“The battle of tomatoes”: in the Spanish town of Buñol on the last Wednesday in August is a real tomato battle! The Spaniards frolic, pelting each other with overripe tomatoes. All walk smudged but cheerful and contented life.

“Orange carnival” held in Italy in the town of Ivrea in late February. This traditional holiday lost its roots in the distant year 1194, very fond of the locals. Noisy fun the party lasts for several days, is played by a specific scenario, the culmination of the event is the battle of the oranges.

Fiery feast

This holiday it’s hard to call it ridiculous, but it can not be avoided. “Las Fallas” from 14 to 19 March, held in Valencia, Spain. This is a crazy fiery carnival (“Las Fallas” means “fire”) with processions of maskers, the sea of bright colors, an abundance of pyrotechnics and special effects. The centerpiece of the celebration is the burning of pre-cooked dolls, one of which “is left alive”. Happy doll chosen by voting and to send her brothers in the local Museum.

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