TOP 10 most outstanding events of 2014 in Prague

26 – 31 may

16th time Prague will spin in a spirited temperamental rhythm of the Gypsy music and gypsy jazz. Festival Khamoro, which is characteristic of its hurricane force energy and enthusiasm, offers viewers not only a wide range of concerts ensembles from around the world, but also exhibitions, films, dance workshops, specialized seminars and conferences. Prague festival, born in 1999, is the second the second oldest in the world Gypsy festival in the world. He acquired the reputation of a wonderful holiday in which people enrich their knowledge about the cultural traditions of other Nations.

The United Islands Festival

19 – 21 June

A multi genre festival United Islands is traditionally the climax of the Prague festival season. Fans of almost all musical styles will definitely find here something interesting: jazz, rock, ethno, pop, electro, folk. Festival organizers invite both professional and novice artists; along with the classical genres, repertoires, artists prisutstvuyuthie and creative experiments. Concerts are held in the open air at the Prague Islands, in gardens and parks of the capital; admission free. By nightfall the event blends in Prague clubs. If good weather, the organizers of the festival were difficult to get, good mood and friendly atmosphere they guarantee!

Festival Of Tolerance – Prague Pride

11 – 17 August

International festival of new circus and theatre Letní Letná

August 17 – September 2

Stars of the world of the “new wave” of circus and performing arts each year impress her art festival, which takes place at the Prague hill flight. In the 10 years of its existence the festival has become a significant event not only capital, but also national cultural calendar. The festival is figuratively called a summer cocktail of beauty,fear and amazement. More than 30,000 spectators who come here with their families, perceive it as a wonderful view of cultural activities.

The organizers called the event is not a festival but the festival, which arrange for themselves the inhabitants of the capital. One day the metropolis transforms into a completely different Prague, which used to see tourists and praguers. The essence of the holiday is to experience the city not just a place to stay, but comfortable and happy life in harmony with nature and neighbors. On the ground, usually cluttered with machines, there will be tables with chairs, and every passer-by can enjoy homemade “shtrudl” and drink a coffee, have a quiet chat or to look at performances of street theatre. The program “neighbourhood” of the festival has no age, no genre restrictions.

Festival Designblok – Prague Design and Fashion Week

6 – 12 October

Designblok – became a regular presentation of a wide obshestvennost just that over the past year, created by Czech and foreign designers. It is not only about interior design, but also about the work of fashion designers, jewelers, designers, furniture and household items. The first week of October farmed out to the creative creators and their fans: the city will host a mass of sales exhibitions, seminars, demonstrations, meetings with professionals. Parallel to Prague “defile” fashion week Designblok Fashion Week, which provided a wonderful opportunity to see the works of foreign designers, and to draw up a detailed understanding of the local market of the fashion industry.

The SIGNAL light festival

16 – 19 October

The historic heart of the capital again on four days will become the centre of new technologies, surreal ideas and wild fantasies. The SIGNAL festival will literally shed light on familiar and hidden from sight by the picturesque parts of Prague. To change the usual perspective on architectural monuments and modern buildings will help the rays of artificial light, skillfully directed by professionals illuminators who demonstrate their skills at the festival.

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