The Spirit of Carnival

The onset of the carnival is clearly felt in the air Rio deJaneiro. Wherever you looked, everywhere you can see the “carnival” smile, hear the rhythm of Samba and to feel the spirit of the event itself.

The first day of the Carnival began with the unusual spectacle for me. I witnessed on the subway on the way to Copacabana about six teenagers began to Bang on his surfboard and knock on the railroad tracks. However, this does not bother others, on the contrary, passengers awaiting the train began to stomp to the rhythm of kicking, passing “carnival” smile from one to the other, suddenly everything around him began to dance Samba. At the moment I really understood what a true Brazilian spirit of the holiday.

I asked: “What is a Carnival?” But the answers were very vague. So conducted their ceremony, not Greek, not Roman atheists. Later such balls were adopted from Italian culture around the second half of the nineteenth century and has gained the highest popularity in the 30-ies. This period is called the “Golden age”.

I was told that the Parade of Samba also has its origins in the 30-ies, however, only in 1984 he came to Rio de Janeiro, where traditionally it has been held in Sambodromo. Although it is not explained me such great importance that attaches to this action. Why all Brazil freezes in anticipation of the Parade? Why for many it is more important than Christmas itself? Why thousands of people come to look at this? And what am I doing here?

I wanted to be a part of this Carnival, so me and my girlfriend Ilona enrolled in a Samba school called G. R. E. S. two weeks before the Parade I attended classes, held every Sunday from eight in the evening until midnight. And I began to feel the approach of the carnival, watching as people of all ages dance the Samba.

At first, it’s a little scary to learn this dance, but I was able to develop its fairly simple technique:

Repeat for any Brazilian in front of you, they’re all good dancers.

Intense work those hips.

Wave your hands in a circle and smile, if you smile broadly, then no one will pay attention to how you awkwardly move your feet.

If all the above paragraphs you have failed, drink local beer until, until you start to think of yourself as a beautiful dancer.

Anyone can attend Zumba classes in anticipation of the carnival. Each school has a core group of choreographers and dancers, who are training all year round. They open their doors about a month before the main event, and the more people that represents their school at the carnival, the better.

Each participant is required to buy a suit. My suit, for example, consisted of red short pants, silver sandals and hats decorated with feathers. It cost me about 80 dollars. Of course, it can cost much more, it all depends on what school you were taught dance. In total, carnival Rio de Janeiro, there are about 28 teams and 3,000 dancers, including our school.

I explained that each Samba school annually selects its direction in such categories as history or something comical and unobtrusive. There were occasions when been based upon any protest, there is no place for jokes. However, this year all schools worked on the creation of the entourage around a single theme. The explanation is simple enough, 500th anniversary of Brazil. Everyone tries to be unique, because all will be judged by a jury and the winner will receive reward. To assess each school the same criteria: choreography, music, costumes and even the expression of delight on his face. The competition is big, but in the final you always meet the most famous and experienced school.

Our group decided to base his performance traditions of several countries. Our launch was planned on the second day of the carnival. And now the great moment has arrived, we began to dance to the alert hours about midnight.

Surprisingly, the evening of Samba, which I was waiting so eagerly, quickly turned into one huge crowd of hundreds of people, rushing forward. Thank God, I can do without any practice. However, this did not prevent the feeling that everything around — is one big family, singing in unison with each other. It’s just a first impression, so when thousands of people move in the same rhythm and direction. At this point, I truly felt the real spirit of carnival, emotions poured over the edge, and I just couldn’t stop, so wanted to dance.

In every city of Brazil are unforgettable Parades and carnivals, but in whichever of these you did not participate, you will always feel a freedom and an unforgettable feeling of lightness. This is the Spirit of Carnival.


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