The most beautiful festivals in the world

I have a special attitude towards the holidays, for which you need special training: costumes, decorations, thematic attributes, accessories, music and dance programs. Inspired by the premiere of the cartoon “Rio 2”, I decided to recall the most beautiful holidays of the world, namely: the festivals from year to year collected a record number of tourists and encouraging guests a breathtaking spectacle.

Those who are enjoying life

The festival of colors

The time of the

The end of February-beginning of March.


Holi, or the Festival of colors begins on the full moon day and lasts for three days. For Hindus this festival is the main thing – theatrical battle between men, jumping through fire, and gatherings with family. But the guests of the festival are looking forward to the third day – the climax of the festival when adults and children have fun from the heart, thrown into the air colored powder or paint them with each other.

Colored powders made from herbs. Besides the fact that they add brilliance to the holiday, they also help fight springtime viruses.

The time of the

The last week in August.


Its name is one of the most popular in USA art festivals was due to tradition, after the burn all its exhibits, including a huge wooden sculpture in the form of a man. The fact is that, according to the laws of the festival, in the middle of the desert, in the territory where it is held, should not be anything that would remind of him.

During the week you can appreciate the fantastic sculptures in the designated area. Festival guests have the opportunity to become part of the show in the open air, to see, hear, and even personally interact with famous rock musicians and DJs.

The controversial festival. Here annually arrange marsh naked people. But, if you are bored with regular life and the monotony of “pictures”, you here.

Ala Moana Beach Park Honolulu, Hawaii

Lanterns on the waves


Despite the fact that the floating lanterns Festival is timed to the day of memory of the departed from this life, thousands of lights floating on the waves, creating a real festival of light. It is believed that is released into the ocean lanterns take prayers for the dead and the living, and keep hope for the future.

The festival starts in the afternoon when guests Ala Moana Beach Park swim and sunbathe, play beach games, listen to famous Hawaiian artists. After dark starts moving ceremony of launching of the lanterns. On the lanterns people write the names of the dead, blessings, prayers, and desires, and then send them to swimming, stepping into the water.

The tradition to launch floating lanterns in memory of the deceased came to Hawaii from Asia and has become the local.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Festival of flowers

The first Friday of February.

No wonder Chiang Mai called “the rose of the North”! For centuries, local residents were engaged in horticulture and floriculture, and once a year – in the spring when everything is blooming, – showed the ability to another. Here was born and fabulously beautiful flower Festival. At this time there an abundance of plants, a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Girls sew for this holiday luxurious costumes, be sure to decorate them with exotic plants, and at the end of the festival the most beautiful of them becomes the Queen of flowers.

In Thailand bloom more than 3000 species of orchids, one third of them can be seen at the festival. And, you can admire the damask rose – a special kind found in Chiang Mai, as well as white and yellow chrysanthemums.

Fire symbolizes purification, and the flight of the flashlight – striving for the highest, so it is believed that together with lanterns in the sky fly all the troubles, problems and worries, leaving only light and good feelings. The festival sky lanterns (Loy Krathong) – this is a fantastic event, when the sky lights up with thousands of little lights.

Loy Krathong – one of the most popular in Thailand, holidays, celebrated on the thirteenth century.

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