The brightest and Most colorful carnivals in Europe

Fifth season – this is the period of carnival, which takes place in February in Europe.

One after the other carnival processions reach Europe, and You should definitely participate in these humorous and vivid celebrations! Have the Europeans one important tradition . which they abide until now – before the beginning of lent must be good to have some fun!

The festivities are prepared carefully and take a lot of time, sometimes training takes half a year and no wonder, because it is necessary to prepare a theatrical performance, to sew every costume party and, in the end, to choose the king and Queen! Let’s find out what we have prepared fun Europeans this year?

Italy, Venice

11-23 February

The carnival of Venice in February is already a classic. The city on water is one of the first in the world to celebrate carnival. And this year is no exception. This year you can become a witness of how the whole city turns into one big theatrical Playground, where you can observe the street theatre and costumed procession, to attend a ball and watch concerts.

If You want to stay high class, it is recommended to go to Palazzo Pisani Moretta, here in a beautiful historic Palace 11 and February 18, you will see international celebrities who come here every year to please vacationers.

If you want something simpler, go to cafe Lavena, here you can enjoy a Cup of coffee or tea in the live musical accompaniment. We strongly suggest You to plunge into the old and attend a ball at Palazzo Papafava – just don’t forget that you have to wear a carnival costume and mask!

Portugal, O. Madeira

18-21 February

Where else but in Portugal you can ignite uncontrollable energy on carnival procession! Moreover, here one can find not one, but two carnival parades. To see both will need to get to the island’s capital Funchal, Madeira. Believe me it’s worth it!

This year on 18 February in Funchal can be seen (and even participate!) a hundred performers Samba! Hot dance hot Portuguese will leave an indelible mark in Your memory.

A little later, namely, on 20 February, it will be possible to participate in the second carnival procession, only here don’t forget to take a suit!

The most notable of the carnival of Madeira that you can come here on the eve of the festivities and still get what you want. For one whole month on the eve of carnival throughout the city of Funchal, you can watch performances of troupes, and participate in the festivities!

Germany, Cologne

16-22 February

The city of Cologne, probably the most fun and suitable for carnival city in Germany. The carnival in Cologne is necessarily begins on Thursday, this year it falls on February 18. In Germany, the carnival is somewhat different from the usual costume parade, drums and dancing. Here crowds of women are fleeing the town hall and… the path cut ties men! That’s why this Thursday called “Indian”. Further fun is just beginning. Behind Babi Thursday should be pink Monday – most importantly the carnival procession. Huge dolls are in the city, and this time the spectators are flying different sweets. At the end of the carnival in the city burn a straw effigy and ate fish in restaurants.

France, Nice

17 February – March 4

Nice that in itself is an amazing place, but when it starts the carnival procession, the place is just fabulous. In this town the carnival runs from 1294, and that the most interesting thing every year different themes. This year You can see the carnival called “King”. Nice carnival takes place in the form of a huge procession through the main streets – a huge platform where huge dolls sit and where throwing flowers into the audience – this is called “the battle of flowers”. All participants and guests of the carnival watered each other with a rubber mixture from the cylinders, thereby hanging each other noodles on the ears!

Spain, Tenerife

17-22 February

The most prominent and largest carnival in Europe. He is second only to the main world carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. Dancing, dancing and dancing again – Latin rhythms, which are periodically replaced by music of indigenous people will force you to go to the dance with the dancers! After the carnival procession the next day will be an unusual ceremony called “the funeral of the sardine”: a huge fish will be burned in the square under the “crying” and once again hit the dance! Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Who would have thought that somewhere outside of our great country in February you can enjoy so many shows at the same time!


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