On the Grand festival

1. The name and contents of the project

The Grand festival “the rose of the WORLD” is an annual outdoor, urban, youth United festival of talents in the field of pop art that seeks to pull together all that is best in Udmurtia in the field of youth pop art, attracting visitors and participants from other regions of Russia. Held in Izhevsk since 1997.

The festival brings together:

Ø in the stage room, any creative direction: vocal, dance, circus, theatre, rock band, KVN, fashion theatres, etc.

Ø participants of all ages: children, youth, maturity, and retirement.

Ø any form of stage expression: solo, ensemble, choir, orchestra, Studio, group, team, etc.

Ø Amateurs and professionals.

Features of the festival is the lack of restrictions on genre, age and number of participants.

In 2001, the festival project was recognized as the Winner of the 1st city competition of social projects among non-profit organizations and units of local government conducted by the city Administration of Izhevsk became the owner of the diploma of the Winner of this contest and a special cash grant in the category “Adolescent leisure”.

2. Information about the organizers

1. Youth public Fund “the rose of the WORLD”, Izhevsk

2. The Fund is a non-profit, social and charitable programs “MERITUS FUND”, Izhevsk.


The orientation of a person from childhood to the ideals of love and friendship; the freedom and beauty; goodness and justice; loyalty and hope. The development and implementation of these ideals.

Goals and objectives:

1.The creation of favourable conditions for creative development of personality and its further fulfillment. Cultural and spiritual education of the younger generation and youth.

2.The preservation and development of domestic multinational culture and good traditions.

3.Through the cultural development of ethnic relations is the promotion of peace, brotherhood, friendship and understanding among Nations, peoples and ethnic groups.

3. Project description

The aim of the project:

The emergence in Izhevsk the tradition of the Grand festival of “the rose of the WORLD” as the biggest cultural event among schoolchildren, students and young people that can unite the best creative forces of the Udmurt Republic in cooperation with guests and participants from other regions in a single concert program, which would be the main celebration of creativity in the year, both for beginners, young talents, and other figures of the performing arts and folk arts; served as a center for cultural education and spiritual needs of the younger generation and youth.

Project objectives:

1. Empowerment and the creation of more favourable conditions for discovering talents, the birth of new “names” and creative teams; a more complete creative control and creative activity not only Amateurs, but also professionals.

2. The development of cultural relations with kindred spirits to associations and organizations in other regions

The Russian Federation of sovereign republics and foreign countries.

3. Investment contribution to the development of the domestic multinational culture.

The stages of the festival:

Stage I – preliminary selection. Conducted from October to April of next year.

Stage II – the final part. Takes place in summer (June month).

Pre-selection criteria:

Ø mastery

Ø Patriotic, classical, cultural heritage

Ø The authorship of a creative work

Ø the relevance of the topic

Participants of the festival:

Everyone who submitted a preliminary application to the Participant, and passed the preliminary selection.

The basic social group. the project :


– vocational school students;

– students of technical schools and Universities;

– running and unoccupied youth.

Organization. involved in project implementation:

All organizations and institutions in which there are cultural and club activities on the stage of creation(palaces and houses of culture; children’s centers; teen clubs; creative Studio; schools and colleges; high schools; schools; colleges; Universities, etc.)

Nominations of the festival:

1. Vocals 5. Rock band 9. Circus genre

2. Dance genre 6. The VIA 10. Original genre

4. KVN 8. Folk groups 12. Any other genre


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