Music festivals in the world

We are pleased to offer you a list of more than 200 festivals of various genres of music that are held worldwide throughout the year, one after another. But do not forget that the most popular time of year for major festivals coincide with the best season for holidays – Yes, it’s summer! But if you had a winter vacation and summer you have to work, don’t worry that all miss.

Summer festivals – this is a great chance to visit new countries and cities and to discover new things, meet interesting people and find real friends. If you live in Europe, music festivals in USA enable you to be in another world. Going to Coachella, Pitchfork, Ultra Music Festival, Bamboozle, CMA Festival, North Coast Festival, and many others, you will never regret it.

France, wine country, romance and cheeses, has long attracted tourists from around the world. French festivals, among which French festivals, Main Square Festival, Rock en Seine, Vieilles Charrues, etc. demonstrate all that is best in French music and are a shining example of national hospitality. If you are a fan of beer and schnapps, you have to afford a trip on one of the German festivals, for example, Melt. Southside Festival, Hurricane, Berlin Festival or Rockilde.

Solemn and austere Britain striking changes during traditional festivals. Reading Festival, Bonnaroo, Leeds Festival, Glastonbury, Download Festival, Isle of Wight, Wireless Festival, Latitude, Exit Festival, Bestival, V Festival, T in the Park and other music festivals will create a real feast for fans of different musical genres.

If you came to Europe from any other part of the world, be sure to visit any Dutch festival. Colorful, and sometimes paradoxical, as Awakenings, they will not leave you indifferent in any case! And, of course, you will hit the festivals in Spain. BBK Festival, Benicassim, Musicland Festival, Sónar, as well as many other fashion events left a lasting impression in your memories!

Each rocker can with our help to find a real music Paradise. These rock festivals, like the German Rock am Ring & Rock im Park and Rock im Pott, Czech Rock for People, Rock in Rio, Rock in Roma, RockNess in Scotland, the Belgian Rock Werchter, Rock-A-Field open air in Luxembourg, Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London, and many others will not leave anyone indifferent. Each festival of rock music is more than just an ordinary holiday, it is a kind of unity of souls.

Metal fans should visit the Greenfield Festival in Switzerland to personally visit the concerts in the style of Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal and even Nu Metal. In search of the beautiful melodies of indie, dance music, jazz, reggae, folk, and transparent world music for mental and physical unity with great nature, people usually prefer the Big Chill, which takes place every year in early August in Ledbury, England.

Some festivals 2012 combine several genres of music to attract more visitors and make a real musical extravaganza. For example, by Bayfest Rogers in Canada consists of two parts – a weekend of rock and country weekend. Music in the style of rock and pop equally well combined and complement each other on the main musical action Costa Rica — Imperial Festival.

We are aware of all festivals, including those that collect people, not thinking life without dancing and dance music. Dance festival Dance. Here. Now. Dancetour, Dancefestopia and other festivals will fill you with energy dance music and positive vibes that will last until next year. Tomorrowland, South West Four, Creamfields, Global Gathering, Beyond Wonderland, Sensation, Electric Daisy Carnival — all of these dance festivals 2012 deserve attention in their own way. Electronic music lately rises higher and higher in the rankings, so it is not surprising that the number of electronic music festivals are also constantly increasing. Even the names ElectroMar Festival, Electronic Family, Electro Beach will tell you more about them than any description.

Remember that festivals 2012 are not exclusively musical events. Here you can dance to exhaustion. Here you can find adherents among the boys and girls who, perhaps in the future will become your best friends. Here you can just relax and leave all prejudices behind. Here you can enjoy a wonderful show with special effects and fireworks. And foreign festivals is a great opportunity to visit new countries and bring back unforgettable memories. All of this can become reality with our site is your trusted guide to the festival of life 2012.

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