Minsk international film festival Listapad

Minsk international film festival “Listapad” – the biggest film festival, which every year in Belarus are going to a famous filmmakers, actors, cinema fans.

The program of the Minsk international film festival Listapad is rich and unique. Section of feature and documentary films presented as part of the main competition and young cinema competition, a competition for children’s and youth film “Screened” . The MIFF program of non-competition and retrospective screenings, meetings, workshops, exhibitions and vernissages.

At the film festival in Minsk it is possible to see only the best movies . In the main MIFF “Listapad” invited films-participants and winners of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. The young film contest is a collection of debut authors, won the recognition of professionals and the audience.

The history of the festival

The first film festival “Listapad” was held in Minsk in 1994 and until 2002 was called the international film festival of CIS and Baltic countries. The verdict handed down three jury of filmmakers, journalists and spectators. The highest rating on the debut festival in 1994 was awarded to the film “Anna. From 6 to 18” by Nikita Mikhalkov.

In 1996, the main award of the festival was the people’s choice award, but since 2010 the winners again defines the professional jury.

In 2001 the first time the Grand opening of “Listapad” was held on the main stage of the country – in the Palace of the Republic . what subsequently has become a good tradition.

In 2009, for the first time on the opening and closing ceremonies were sold tickets.

In 2011 the festival was first held in the new status. The international Federation of film producers associations FIAPF provided “Listopadu” temporary FIAPF accreditation.

In 2013, after a probationary period of Minsk international film festival Listapad has received continuous accreditation from the International Federation of film producers associations (FIAPF) in recognition of the high quality of the organization. The festival has expanded the list of the most prestigious film festivals in the world . including world-renowned Berlin, Venice, Cannes, Montreal and Moscow festivals .

Jury and prizes “Listapad”

At the MIFF “Listapad” there are six jury panels, each of which determines the winners and award prizes. The honorary awards of the festival – Grand Prix “Golden Listapad” (“best film”), “Silver Listapad” (“Film art”, awarded by an International jury of film critics), “Listapad Bronze” (audience award for best feature film).

The prestigious awards are given in the documentary film, the competition of films for children and young audience “Screened” .

It also established the prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus A. G. Lukashenko “For humanism and spirituality in cinema” .

Listapad 2014

XXI Minsk international film festival “Listapad” was held from 7 to 14 November in Minsk.

The motto of today’s cinema forum – “What a variety of movies!” – symbolized the diversity of the films in the festival program: feature and documentary films, world premieres of famous Directors and debuts of young authors, and, of course, all sorts of genres (romance, Thriller, drama, Comedy…). Original and new visual image of the film forum, changing each year. On the festival poster – the dark of the cinema, projector beam and directing dozens of chairs – the symbol of the original author’s views on the art of cinema.

The festival opened with a picture of “I’m not going back” by Estonian Director Ilmar Raaga . His creative work is already familiar to the Belarusian audience: psychological drama “the Class” was the best feature film at the festival “Screened-2008” . and the “Lady in Paris” in 2012 participated in the main competition of feature films.

The main novelty of this year’s festival was a special competition for Belarusian filmmakers . living and working not only in Belarus but also in other countries of the world.

Non-competitive program is pleased the audience with pleasant surprises and movie premieres.

In the framework of the films-prize-winners of international film festivals “The Best” viewers saw the best documentary Oscar-2014 – picture of Dutch filmmaker Morgan Neville’s “two steps from glory” (“20 Feet from Stardom”) .

One of the most memorable events was the showing of a unique monument to the era of silent film – Polish movie Ryszard Horde “pan Tadeusz” . which is the first full-scale adaptation of the eponymous poem by Adam Mickiewicz .

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