The Japanese Doll Festival

The third of March in Japan celebrates Hina Matsuri is a holiday that Russian call girls Holiday or Holiday dolls, and Japanese still Jesi-but sekku (the Celebration of the first day of the snake) or Momo-but sekku (peach blossom Festival). Actually, this holiday is not quite the 3rd of March. Traditionally it was celebrated on the 3rd day of the 3rd moon, and lunar calendar, as we know, not the same as solar. But in modern Japan lunar calendar is no longer used and favorite holiday just moved on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the solar calendar. Hina Matsuri is one of many in Japan Matsuri, seasonal celebrations, which are closely related to the Shinto religion. Of course, initially, their value was purely practical – it was magical rites intended to ensure the well being of the community. Equally natural that in our days, to put it mildly, not all think about the deeper meaning of a holiday, and many perceive them simply as old traditions and a chance to celebrate together.

As for Hina Matsuri, in this day in ancient times was made a ritual of getting rid of diseases and misfortunes. Priests endured all sorts of trials and misfortunes on the little Continue reading


Belgium is a small Kingdom, which is only a couple of hours to cross from South to North, but such a unique and rich traditions of the country is unlikely to meet in Europe. This state combines the seemingly incompatible: here is the official headquarters of NATO and conducts some of the most massive and fiery carnivals of the world.

February – is the most cheerful and attractive tourist month of the year. From 15 to 21 the number of flies all over the country so-called carnival week, bringing with it a flurry of positive emotions. Almost the entire Kingdom in time turns into a huge festival ground. In each city, the carnival lasts for different amounts of days and has its own characteristics.

Carnivals Bensa

A small town called Bench (Binche), few can boast to tourists, except that its massive medieval wall with 27 towers and a Central square. However, every year for three days the city is transformed beyond recognition on the occasion of the Carnival Bensa, which starts 49 days before Easter. The culminating day of this festival is called “Fat Tuesday” when in cramped city streets, there is a procession called “Gilli” – national heroes dressed in colorful national costumes of flowers. Handing out oranges and beating wooden clogs funny rhythm Continue reading

The Spirit of Carnival
The onset of the carnival is clearly felt in the air Rio deJaneiro. Wherever you looked, everywhere you can see the "carnival" smile, hear the rhythm of Samba and to…

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Where to go in February
If you're not rested and walk up in the new year and Christmas holidays, perhaps you should remember that in the last winter month around the world are stunningly beautiful…

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Ah, the carnival! Venice
These days in thunders famous Venice Carnival. It began on 2 February and will delight with bright colors, catchy music and unbridled joy until February 12. Traditionally, the carnival of…

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