Brazilian carnival

For almost half a century, the carnival in Rio – the most famous in the world.

• it sets the tone for the carnivals in Europe and America. its the modern world Brazilian carnival has developed quite recently, in the first half of the twentieth century. Tied to the lunar calendar, Easter and lent, Brazilian carnival, like Mardi Gras – holiday mobile, it is the end of February or beginning of March.

• From a European tradition of solemn processions future Brazilian carnival borrowed lush robes (to make them parties to spare neither money nor time) and carnival carts, called in Latin carrus navalis (the”wagon ” ship”), and Spanish simply “karros” .

• Current Brazilian carnival carnival unthinkable without associations – voluntary communities (sometimes numbering up to several thousand people) presented on separate processions processions with their own Kiarostami.

• Immediate predecessors carnival associations were African theatrical procession with music, singing and dancing, Dating back to pagan rituals – kardous and ranches. Among obligatory characters of this action were king, clowns, Indians, the dead, the devils, the teacher is the conductor and “the parade commander”, Continue reading

How to visit the carnival in Venice?

Every year in Venice on various carnival activities comes a huge number of tourists – at a conservative estimate, about a million. To them add all sorts of actors, clowns, artists, scammers, just people-tumbleweed.

They all spill out on the narrow Venetian streets to take part in a significant event – the world famous Venice carnival.

The history of this carnival lasts from time immemorial (the first mention of it dates back to 1094) and dates back to Roman Saturnalia – a kind of harvest holidays. Here, by the way, and the tradition of wearing masks during carnival slaves were allowed to sit at the Banquet table with the owners, but to caste prejudices did not spoil the fun, all hid their faces behind masks. Over time, the mask turned into a separate article of the income of Venetian artisans.

And now to come to Venice and not to bring charming painted carnival masks – moveton, gentlemen!

Under these masks in the middle ages there were a lot of brave and scary things. During the carnival, mask, incognito – that’s what freedom of action! Nothing seemed too shameful, too bold, too reckless, too slutty. Adultery is not adultery, theft is just a joke, an insult is not necessary to wash off the blood, even murder Continue reading

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