Life as a holiday. Carnival

With this post I begin a series of reports on how the rest and have fun Argentines. Will be at least another Argentine wedding and tango. I haven’t seen such a fun and “easy-going” of the nation. To get a holiday, just enough to gather two or three Argentines together. And this self-organizing substance. They don’t need anything to have fun. However, many Argentines are very fond of complaining about his life. Paradox. or carnival?))

February – carnival in South America. Of course, the most famous carnival takes place in Rio. Very interesting carnivals in Bolivia and neighbouring countries. Argentina, though, and conducts carnivals, but this is more action-oriented internal customers, rather than a tourist. The only exception is carnival in Gualeguaychú in the North of the country. There everything is close to the Brazilian version is a large – scale show, performances of various dance schools, half-naked girls, crowds, etc.

Carnival in Buenos Ares is very different. Most residents of the capital, mainly use two more weekends to get out of the cities on the coast. But those who remains, as it turned out, not very interested in carnival. At least no one I know could not say anything definite about him. The fact that carnival in Barese very smeared in time and space. Numerous carnival parades occur locally at different times in different places throughout the February. Perhaps this is one of the constituent parts of the carnival to find the time and place of its carrying out))

Argentine carnival is first and foremost a “Murga”. In the literal translation of “Murga” – strolling musicians. A group of dancers, circus artists and musicians, most of which plays numerous reels. Originally Murga came from Spain to Uruguay and then to Argentina. Actually, it was a street performance in which artists and musicians ridiculed some topical social and political issues. Murga is the main part of the Uruguayan carnival, which, incidentally, is the longest in the world – it lasts 40 days. During this time it is visited by more people than all the football matches in this country for the year. In Buenos Ares huge amount of murguero. In almost every district has its own group. Often the group is bound to a local football fan groups, and in the costumes used colors and symbols of your favorite clubs.

Except murgi in the carnival you can see a lot of other things – costumed performances, clowning, puppets and more. Argentina are generally very eclectic country, and the carnival is a reflection of this mix of anything and everything. The main task of participants and spectators to have fun and enjoy what is happening. I was able to attend the two processions. The first was on one of the main streets, at the confluence of a large number of people. It was very reminiscent of city Day in Moscow. I did not like it. Here’s the second procession was small, but very sincere.

The collection of groups begins close to midnight. Arrive murguero on school buses, singing songs and beating drums.

Each group for the evening visited several sites, so sometimes you have to wait until another group. And between the groups is no competition or animosity. On the contrary, all respond very positively to the statement “competitors”.

The most noisy marchers and drummers. In some groups they were thirty. Teamwork exceptional drummers. When you are in the center of this drum Orgy, impossible to remain indifferent.

To the accompaniment of drums are the dancers, who perform a dance with characteristic murgi movements and jumps.

Mandatory marchers – circus performers.

Oh, and of course the participants in carnival costumes. Here in his own way. Especially variously supposed to be a group of Italian immigrants.

Completing the procession usually people with flags.

After the passage of the column, on stage, playing a musical group, or small scenes played out.

The most popular figure – the presidents of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner. It obstebali almost all groups, but quite good-naturedly.

Well, and what’s a carnival without erotic overtones and drag Queens. This, too, was enough, but always in comic form.

The audience, I must say, was no more than marchers. But that didn’t stop everyone to enjoy what is happening. Even from what the rest of the audience doused them with water and some muck from the cartridges.

It looks like Murga live. She accompanies any mass celebrations in Argentina.

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