Jazz Festival “Jubilee “

Brightest musical event of the fall in Nikolaev became the 4th jazz Festival ’s Jubilee ” . memorable to the audience with vivid imagery and bold musical experiments.

The festival showed that Nikolaev is really a city of music, where jazz found its Amateur and a wannabe. This music is now in its fourth year exhibiting himself, successfully competing with the classics and rock, not to mention electronic music beats.

This evening on the stage created a musical feast Nikolaev jazz musicians, many of whom are still students of the Nikolaev music school, and some have long been known and professional musicians.

Opened the concert of Latin American melodies Nikolaev “Jazz-Band” under the leadership of Vladimir Alekseev . able to unite under their conductor’s beginning woodwinds, strings, percussion and keyboard instruments.

“Jazz-Band” opened the festival of Latin American rhythms

Their versions of famous jazz compositions showed and young musicians from the “Dirty dogs” . who played wonderful solos on the electric guitar and saxophone.

«Dirty dogs” played a good guitar solo

And wonderful party saxophone

Overall musical groups alternated with vocal choirs that sang a Capella world hits of Blues and jazz musicians. What worth is attractive the women’s collective “Blues in Black” in black short dresses, which attracted the attention of the entire male half of the hall.

White girls from the “Blues in Black” sang in black

Overall, on stage this evening was a lot of young Nicholas collectives in which, though in different salads with the same ingredients, the solo part was played by the same musicians.

In jazz only girls

But you have to be the saxophone

An example of this can be called a young jazz gang “Dandy” . the soloist and the musicians have not “been mixables” in the composition of the teams and performed Blues, jazz and rock compositions.

“Dandy” “sonicsoul” young musicians from different Nikolaev teams

As if for his benefit, in the composition of each of the musical groups the whole evening appeared on the scene, demonstrating each time her new dress, a beautiful jazz singer Tatiana Alekseeva . Without her participation is not passed and musical experiments. Combined electronic keyboards and stringed African Kalimba, the girl sang a beautiful lyrical jazz ballad.

The festival was a benefit for singer Tatiana Alekseeva

Long been a favorite of Nikolaev with young musicians from the “Barbados Band” . without which there is in Nikolaev, no salsa party, played rock-n-roll, deciding to change the usual Latin-American melodies. As a musician Stas komarnicki struck spectators with virtuoso playing saxophone, clarinet and flute.

Stas komarnicki saxophonist, clarinetist and flutist in one person

Could not have done this evening and no surprises. The first gift were young members of the ethno-jazz choir «Free voice” . who sang a potpourri of Ukrainian folk songs and author’s version of the famous Ukrainian Christmas carols «shchedryk”.

The whole room sang along with the chorus of “Free voice” known for the hit “I just call to say I love you”

But the surprises did not end there. Donetsk saxophone Anton Tkachev and percussion Arthur Frolov in the company of the Nikolaev guitar and keyboards with female vocals captivated the audience. And the drum solo made an unforgettable impression and blew a wave of applause.

Donetsk guests well “played” with Nikolaev mi musicians

But perhaps the most unexpected surprise of the day for the Nikolaev viewer steel vocal sextet “the Duke-a Time” . which was not in the posters of the event. Guys specially arrived from Odessa to perform at the jazz festival. Six vocalists like a whole orchestra imitated the well-known melodies and the sound of different musical instruments under men’s choral polyphony. Hall is not just cheering the guys, but also sang them in the trail, clicks in rhythm with your fingers.

“the Duke-a Time” was a real opening the festival

And as snacks emotionally and musically sated the audience on the stage of the Kyiv jazz musicians of the project “MayBe” . playing good melodic jazz fusion, combining in their interventions with elements of jazz, rock ‘ n ‘ roll, pop, reggae, folk, funk and electronic music.

“MayBe” were headlining the festival

Here such experiments and musical gifts ended a five-hour musical jazz festival ’s Jubilee” . become the brightest event of autumn.

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