International festival

“Rodina” Cinema Center, St. Petersburg

From 20 to 22 may in the cinema center “Rodina” for the first time in St. Petersburg will host the international Festival of contemporary Animation and Media art LINOLEUM. Last year the festival celebrated its first anniversary. Over the years, the festival was stationed at various large and popular art venues in Moscow. In may 2011 the famous festival screenings will be held in St. Petersburg.

At the festival in the cinema center “Rodina” will be presented 3 programs . the program of the best films of the festival LINOLEUM for 5 years, the program “Shocking LINOLEUM” and “Program cartoons for children festival LINOLEUM”.

In the “Best films of the festival LINOLEUM in 5 years” contains the most outstanding animation work the most interesting authors and studios from around the world. This program is the real cream of the festival for 5 years! Many of the films – winners of the largest international film festivals: film Philip Grammatikopoulos “Bellies” visited the International animation festival in Annecy animation film Festival in Stuttgart, the International animation festival in London and other major world film festivals; film bastien Dubois “Madagascar, traveler’s diary” was nominated for an Oscar; “the Big Bang, full of bums” team Blu has traveled all the biggest festivals of short films and animations, including the short film Festival in Tampere; “Horse bear” Steve stark, made originally for impressions on the Internet, has become widely known festivals: recently it was shown at the film festival Directors Lounge, Berlin. The program “Shocking LINOLEUM” amounted films authors who stand out for their courage in expressing your thoughts and views. This program is specifically for adults only. But even adults might, it’s shocking! In the program, for example, presents three shocking film Signe Baumane, who worked for the great bill Plympton. “The program cartoons for children festival LINOLEUM” consists of films showing the full palette of modern ideas and movements in the animation. The authors of these works aim to highlight the human values: friendship, support, understanding, tolerance, the ability to learn from others, to accept people as they are, striving for those ideals that each parent passes from birth to their children. Many of the works included in these programs, they are winners of international animation festivals and has won over audiences in many countries.

Most of the films presented at the festival, is demonstrated in Russia for the first time and not known to a wide audience. It’s a whole layer of recent history of art, to see which is possible only in such exceptional events as the festival of LINOLEUM.

Over the years the LINOLEUM had purchased his fans. First and foremost, it is an intellectual audience, lovers of new forms of art. The program of the festival is not for the mass audience. This animation is for people who are able to look, to reflect, to observe the life of its change. People who would like to think about these changes and to exchange thoughts about it. Viewers will be able to find “food for thought” in many works presented at the festival.

The festival is a non-profit private initiative and aims to support the development of animation in contemporary Russian society. The primary goal of the festival is to present the animation as a kind of modern art created with the use of new technologies. Thus, the organizers of the first set themselves the task of popularizing non-profit, so-called intelligent animation.

Founder and organizer of the Festival is Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Entertainment Community”. The organization contributes to the development of Russian animation art, which was actually buried in 1990-e years and still are unable to recover because of the serious lack of funding in this area. ANO “Animation Community” is active, contributing to the publication of the works of talented Russian and foreign entertainers.

The festival is supported by “Michael Tsarev Art Projects”.


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