How to celebrate Christmas in the UK

In a year there are only two holidays that should be mentioned in the circle of his relatives and friends. One such activity is own birthday, and others – the birth of Christ.

In different countries this holiday is celebrated in different ways. Someone is going to him for several weeks, and some people even prefer to ignore it. In order to know how to celebrate Christmas in the UK, it is necessary only to turn to the true Englishman, who does not change their traditions and each year attracts friends and relatives at a beautifully set table.

Let us consider how to celebrate Christmas in the UK, and what needs to be done to have fun.

Pre-holiday shopping

A few weeks before cherished date all the Kingdom of England was transformed beyond recognition. Houses are decorated with garlands, trees – tinsel and rains, shop Windows begin to Shine bright packaging gifts and figurines in the form of angels and Father Christmas, on the doors of private houses hung bright Christmas wreaths in the Windows and one can see lush spruce, decorated with huge colorful glass balls and gold bows.

Before the onset of the holiday people put on long hikes through shops and boutiques, where not only choosing the special ingredients for a Christmas meal, but also a luxury dress in which you plan to spend the entire festive evening and night. Moreover, no English Christmas is not complete without numerous of gifts which also are purchased in advance. The faster approaching the date for the celebration, the more empty souvenir shops.

Christmas angels

It is worth noting that in England it is customary to give each other a small gift in the form of various figurines, angels, etc. by the Way, despite this small gift, it must be Packed nice and colorful. After all, the first impression depends on the wrapper, and then from content. However, such gifts are encouraged to bring colleagues and / or distant relatives with whom you don’t communicate very closely. But family members, particularly children, it is advisable to purchase a more substantial and meaningful gifts for them.

As elsewhere in the world, English children believe in Father Christmas, which comes to them on Christmas eve and leaves under the tree all prepared gifts. But before that, every child is obliged to carry out a ritual with the writing of the letter, where he States that it wants to receive in the coming year. In order to Father Christmas read the note, it must be burned in the fireplace. It is also worth noting that some hospitable family with PM prepare a special birthday cake with meat and put it around eating with a glass of milk. It is considered that thus the inhabitants of the house invite Father Christmas to his guests. In the morning all the children and parents rush to look under the Christmas tree and enthusiastically begin to discover sent gifts.

Christmas dinner in the UK

Before the festive dinner UK residents go to Church, and closer to lunch in a big house all close relatives and friends. When the guests arrive, the room filled with the atmosphere of fun and joy. All begin to congratulate each other, to discuss the joy of reunion, to desire the best gifts, laugh and have fun. After that, the hosts invite their relatives at the dinner table, where they offered delicious snacks and salads.

After the guests have feasted on cold sandwiches, hot Turkey with fried crust. It is worth noting that the bird roasted in the oven, is a traditional English dish, without which no cost, no Christmas. As a rule, add to roast currant sauce, which gives Turkey a unique taste and aroma. Before the end of the holiday dinner the hostess definitely treats its guests a variety of sweets. By tradition, together with sweets and biscuits, tea is served with a special Christmas cake, which is prepared on the basis of sweet and delicious berries.

Christmas fireplace

After a hearty holiday feast, the head of the family kindles the fire in the fireplace, and all the relatives settled near him. Within hours they spend time together, listen to Christmas songs, arrange dancing, joking and move out. By the end of the evening the hosts see off their relatives and friends, and those who decided to stay the night, arrange in individual guest rooms.

On the second Christmas morning in the UK is celebrated on St. Stephen’s day. On this day the people of England reveal all sealed boxes for donations, and distributing the accumulated funds to needy British. Those who wish to participate in this event independently, can also help disadvantaged people using their free money.

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