Holidays beer, flowers

Soon everyone will Wake up from hibernation. Both nature and people. So – it’s time to pack your bags. We are waiting for the festival where you can happily welcome the spring.

Festival grapefruits in Cuba

March 1 begins the holiday celebrating the harvest of citrus. The festival will lasts for several days and nights. Everyone will be able to attend performances, taste interesting dishes from citrus fruits, drinks, salads, desserts. Present grapefruit the feast.

On the first day of spring is celebrated beer Day. There are no limits! Drink as much as fits. 75 years ago on this day cancelled the prohibition. And so it happened holiday. All places are open until morning. Students love drinking beer in pubs Reykjavik. The only pity is that the price of beer in Iceland is among the highest in the world.

March 2 will be held Cavalcade de Diekirch. This annual event. The entire Luxembourg will become one big stage for the holiday. Will be parades, concerts, contests, games and entertainment. Luxembourg carnival one of the most colorful. The costumes are made by hand. And the rain of popcorn and confetti caught in umbrellas.

Festival of cherry blossom in the U.S. capital

From March 20 to April 14, will be held in Washington blossom festival Japanese cherry. The festival began to celebrate after in 1912 the mayor of Tokyo brought 3,000 cherry trees. This is in honor of the strengthening friendship between Japan and the U.S. to the country flourished. During the festival, the American capital is visited by many tourists for mass festivities. Everyone can appreciate a great musical parade, the festival of kites.

On April 19 there will be a Parade of colors. This is one of the most colorful festivals in the world. Large floral procession will go to the streets of many cities in the Netherlands. During the procession will be a costumed show, will be playing music, singing, dancing. Everyone will be able to evaluate a huge sculpture out of millions of tulips, roses, hyacinths.

In late April – early may in Marmaris. in one of the important ports of Turkey, is an international Maritime festival. All meet dozens of ships from different parts of the world. Visitors will be able to participate or watch the race on boats, swimming, diving and tug of war. More than 20 years as an international festival of yachting. Foodies waiting for a Banquet of seafood.

In the first week of may a wonderful spring festival, which lasts two weeks in Ottawa. The canadian capital is immersed in a sea of tulips. These flowers are grateful, the Dutch give in honor of how the Second world war, Canada has helped the Royal house of the Netherlands. The festival has been held since 1953. Every year from Holland brought 20 thousand bulbs. These days to flowering more than five million tulips coming one and a half million tourists.

On the first weekend of may in South-West France festival parrots. Here come the archers, who are dressed in medieval garb. In the Middle ages became a media event. Constructed of 45-meter mast, the top of which is seated the painted parrot. Which of the archers will go to the parrot, and then becomes king holiday. He put silver double target and the delicious food.

May 5, begins the festival of The Spirit of Speyside Whisky, then up to the September throughout Scotland will host various festivals festivals. On national drink, which has become the heritage of the world – Scotch. During the festivities you can taste more than 100 types of this amber drink. You can meet with collectors and experts. Everyone will be able to see what has changed over time bottle, label, learn how is the process and much more.

7 may in one of the old fishing town on the coast of the Atlantic ocean will be a traditional Day of the Human sea. In nazaré will be a costume parade of brightly decorated fishing schooners, mass celebrations with music and dancing, entertaining show. Held large feasts where they will attend fish dishes and seafood. The fishermen dressed in traditional clothes. And their wives shawls and embroidered aprons, dressed on top of colored skirts.

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