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If you still don’t have any plans how to spend the rest of the summer or you don’t know where to go and what to see in the upcoming peak season, will take advantage of our calendar of the most bustling and exciting festivals, carnivals and celebrations of the world. This will help you to answer the question: in what point of the earth should take a trip to see something completely unique?


Culinary night in Bacharach

Culinary delights are waiting for the participants of the famous Culinary night, which takes place in the German town of Bacharach annually at the end of August, and attracts foodies from all over the world. The festival offers a huge feast with the best German wines and national dishes from the finest chefs in Germany. Everywhere open the tent with all the food, live music, hosts dance shows. After dark is even more interesting – a Grand fireworks display over the waters of the Rhine. Go – you will not regret!

from 25 to 26 August

Beer festival Pilsner Beer Fest in the Czech Republic

Beer festival in the Czech town of Pilsen for over 160 years and is one of the largest beer festivals in the Czech Republic. According to the tradition, the festival guests offer best tasting Czech Beers, as well as delicious local cuisine. In addition, this festival can be called and music, because every year there are dozens of groups. In addition to concerts, festival visitors will find art and exhibitions, fairs, rides, contests, fireworks. Another very unusual thing beer festival shared a toast, when all present at the celebration trying to say the same toast together. Usually this involves several thousand people.

from 26 August to 2 September

Wine festival in Madeira

The best way to spend summer is to go to Madeira, where in the last days of August rustles Wine festival. The famous Portuguese Madeira wine is the protagonist of this event. Public holidays in the capital of Madeira, Funchal, as in other cities of the island, the locals put the tables with rich feast on the streets. Everywhere are the celebrations: parades, concerts and, of course, tasting. Anyone can visit the famous village of Camara de Lobos, where is the traditional grape harvest. Are open to the public and local wine cellar.

from 27 August to 2 September

Festival “White night” in Rome

Initaly no white nights as a natural phenomenon. The essence of the title – “White night” in Rome in another. This one night, when everything – museums, churches, palaces, theatres, galleries, libraries and even some publish residences, where normally it’s forbidden to enter, is open to visitors until the morning. Very lively in the “White night” in the historical centre of Rome, the famous Roman squares. Here you can listen to musicians, to look at the performances of the circus and go to this theatrical performance. The townspeople and tourists was provided with a complete rest, for them all night restaurants and cafes of Rome.

from 21 to 23 September

International festival of oysters and seafood, Galway, aoife

The oyster festival in the Irish city of Galway now. considered one of the most famous in the world. For over half a century in Galway, aoife 3 days come the lovers of oysters from around the world to experience these wonderful seafood and how to have fun. The most popular event of the festival is the championship opening oysters. It starts on Friday, the first day of the festival. The second day is famous for its parade along the city waterfront, which marks the opening of the oyster festival. Participation is open to everyone. Venues for the festival will be the best oysters restaurants Galway now.. Entrance to all events on-site restaurants paid, but spare money is not worth it. The ticket price includes a delicious dinner with expensive wine and a variety of entertainment.

from 22 September to 7 October


This festival needs no advertising. Just every once in your life needs to visit it. Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festivities in the world. Every year on the third weekend of September, almost 6 million people gather at the Theresienwiese in Munich, the Bavarian capital to plunge into the atmosphere of merriment. Here you can drink the best beer in the world, listen to the famous Bavarian bands, will take part in a festive costume parade, eat German sausages and other Goodies. A special place at the Oktoberfest assigned to the amusement, of which there are many. It offers some huge roller coaster, Ferris wheel, free fall tower, and much more.

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