Hadak Matsuri

The person, who is in Japan on the third Saturday of February, you need to be prepared to see on the streets a group of almost naked men who are going before dark one-a crowd of thousands, and at midnight their covers is insane… and many witnesses of the events involved in this action, trying to touch at least one naked body. What is a mass Striptease, slaughter nudists or perverts? No. This Hadak Matsuri is an annual Japanese festival of naked men. We present you interesting facts about this very eccentric festival.

The history of this festival spans over a thousand years, it is celebrated, starting with the 767. The Japanese believe that people annually needs to be cleansed from damage, misery and negative energy. This happens on the eve of the lunar new year in February. Moreover, the manipulation should be performed with almost naked bodies, using frost and ice water, so Japanese men strip naked and wound on itself, fundoshi white loincloth. According to them, the naked body is able to absorb more of the goodness, and consequently, to get rid of more misery. More nothing on it, and it’s in February!

And some daredevils do remain naked, maybe because of the desire to better clean every part of your body, or maybe just wanting to show itself in all its glory.

Women for some reason in this celebration did not participate. It is clear that not all men are able not only to be naked in the cold, but also to spend it naked for hours. To make it easier to transfer this procedure, the participants constantly warm yourself from the inside, periodically applying to sake – Japanese national alcohol. During the festival they drink it very much, it is good that on this day, it poured for free.

Festival of Hadak Matsuri originated in the temple Saidai-JI temple in Okayama. Here occurs the procession. For example, this year gathered more than nine thousand men. How is the holiday?

All the movements of the naked crowd watches a huge number of people for thrills sprinkled “naked parade” ice water.

By evening, the crowd of naked approaches the temple, running around it and sipping sake, not to stiffen. Someone struggling to warm to each other, and some desperate dare to even take a dip in the icy water of the river Yoshi flowing nearby.

At midnight begins the main action. The crowd of naked men going in one pile, standing very close to each other. From the temple there are singe – sacred wooden sticks that the priests of this temple are thrown into a crowd of people. Everyone tries to catch the coveted wand, which often leads to a stampede and injuries. The Japanese believe that the one who caught shingi be lucky and healthy all year.

Moreover, it is believed that happiness will be and who gets to touch the naked body of a man who caught singe or at least person to touch the sticks. Supposedly he takes all the misfortunes person to touch his naked body, and shingi purify himself.

So begins a pursuit for those who caught the tail of luck. Viewers snatch them from the crowd and, in the literal sense of the word, allowed his hands. I must say that the owners of singe trying to get away from the crowds, but they never succeed. In the end, they still are caught, you begin to grab hands, no worrying about what’s causing the pain and put the bruises.

At the beginning of the celebration of singi presented a paper scrolls, but tore them to shreds, so over time they were replaced by nine-inch wooden sticks.

How many people after such purification catches a cold is unknown. Whether or not in the next 12 months lucky lucky – no one knows. But the main thing is faith, and if the Japanese believe in the efficacy of cleansing while Hadak Mazura, so this holiday will live for a long time.

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