France: How is organized the world famous lemon Festival in Menton

The ticket price for the Festival of lemons — 9-22 euros.

The story of the unusual fruit festival here .

And if you decide to visit the lemon Festival in Menton. consider that a good portion of vitamin charge for the whole year you provided. Indeed, in the month of February, here is the solar festival in France. the main participating sour and sweet citrus fruits. Look at the “gold” festival attracts about 200 thousand tourists every year.

Because the coastal climate allows us to grow lemons, grapefruits, tangerines and oranges all year round, residents harvested three times a year. And the harvest season from March to mid-April. And that he was dedicated to this holiday. It usually lasts a little over two weeks – from mid-February until early March.

To surprise all of curious tourists who visited the Festival of lemons, used an average of 130 tons of vitamin fruits that are imported from Spain by the end of January. In bright apparel “dress” all sorts of design and sculpture, is able to accommodate hundreds of pounds of citrus.

The process of organizing the festival is a very long and laborious. Model structures should be thoroughly planned, because it is important that they are not only fabulous looking, but also firmly rested on the ground, and sometimes they set in motion mechanisms.

It all starts a few months before the festival. In the process involves 300 people that dedicate 20,000 hours of operation.

Once the model designs approved, metallurgical enterprise Bonsignore Olivetta begins to collect them. To build all of the designs the company uses on average 15 tons of special, cold rolled steel. Five months 3-4 people from the company working on building structures. And service maintenance gardens the city has been collecting wooden blocks used for contours.

70 cubic meters of wooden blocks take the form of boats and podiums, which are then covered with rubber bars made of rubber. They replaced the iron, which spoil the fruit. In holes of the grids are inserted into the fruit. Just for the designs used 500 thousand lattices.

For nearly three weeks during the festival employs 80 people every day, change of rotting fruit. The work is difficult, since the day you need to change 4-5 tons of rotten fruit. But the spectators, tourists and festival visitors do not see the whole process of organization, you do not notice the replacement of the fruit, they enjoy a wonderful to details and thoughtful holiday.

Festival opens His Majesty Lemon with his “courtiers”. Seem scenes that reflect the theme of the festival, which grant small children. Float large fruit of the boat, which rise the characters and designs under the theme of the festival. Those designs that are impossible to carry because of the weight installed on separate areas of the garden Bowe. This and cars, and buildings of different heights, and amazing sculptures…

On the streets dancing funny clowns and dancers, playing a musical orchestra, fairs are held, where visitors can eat a variety of citrus foods. The air was filled with an atmosphere of fun. This contributes to the warm climate of Menton, it is difficult to imagine such a festival somewhere in Scandinavia. Although, and there the lovers of festivals will be picked up tours to Norway. enjoy the festival, but also different: the ice festival in Norway .

Our festival each year ends with a bright and noisy, to match the holiday itself, with fireworks over the French Riviera.

And so, when the holiday is on the wane, it’s time to dismantle all structures, which took several months and bring all the plants and grass in the garden Bove in order, because it is a city landmark. It is working only 4 days. But, as they themselves admit, it is very sad to destroy what was built so long.

And where does such a huge amount of fruit after the festival?

The fruit in good condition are sold at a low price in front of the hotel, to the huge delight of the lovers of marmalade, syrup and orange wine. And about the rest, rotten or rotten fruit, history is silent…

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