Festivals and holidays in Tuscany

The uniqueness of each of the provinces of Tuscany is expressed not only in landscapes and architecture, but also in a kind of customs, tournaments, festivals, holidays.

Of particular interest are costumed presentation . reproducing the medieval tradition. To participate in them offer many of the cities of Tuscany, such as Siena, Arezzo, Pistoia, Pisa and others.

You should pay attention to the holidays of one product . Many cities of Tuscany are famous for some unique recipe. In honor of the traditional dishes are regularly held mass feasts and markets. The most famous example of this is the festival of the white truffle fair in San Miniato.

Tuscany, in the year invites you to visit festivals and holidays.

January – February

6 January everywhere in Italy celebrates the Feast of the Three Kings (Italian Epifania). In Florence in honor of the festival cavalcade of the Magi.

Viareggio . in January – February either in February – March is a satirical carnival. The date of the carnival in Viareggio varies from year to year, as it is tied to the day of Easter. The last day of the carnival takes place before lent.

Florence . in January or February is chocolate fair.

Siena . medieval fair.

Florence . Easter Sunday is the view with the burning wagons and fireworks.

Florence . at the end of April begins and ends in mid-may, the festival ’s the Genius of Florence”

Massa Maritima . the fourth Sunday in may – competition shooters with a crossbow.

Scarperia . the last Sunday in may – the festival of flowers “Infiorata”

Cortona . the end of may and the first Sunday of June – medieval week and tournament archers.

Cortona . the first Sunday of June – archery tournament «Giostra del ArchiCAD”.

Pisa . local festivities in honour of the patron Saint of the city ( June 16 “Luminara di San Ranieri”, June 17, sailing races “Regatta di San Ranieri”, on the last Sunday of June, the battle on the bridge in historical costumes).

Arezzo . third Saturday in June – the Saracens tournament.

Florence . 19, 24 and 28 June – costumed historical football.

Marina di Pietrasanta . festival “Beach”.

Siena . July 2 – Palio horse race.

Monteriggioni . first and second weekend in July – medieval festival «Crown towers, Monteriggioni”.

Casole d’ELS . second Sunday in July – racing ’s Palio di San Isidoro”.

The outside Lajatico . mid July – the concert of the famous tenor of modernity Andrea Bocelli.

Montecatini Terme . mid July – the festival ’s FilmVideo”.

Pistoia . July 25 – bear tournament.

Torre del Lago . in July – August festival Opera “Pucciniano”.

Volterra . in late July-early August, the festival ’s VolterraJazz”.

Barga . the jazz festival.

Cortona . beginning August – the festival ’s the Tuscan Sun”.

Massa Maritima . second Sunday of August – competition shooters with a crossbow.

Volterra . the third and the fourth Sunday in August – medieval festival «1398 Day of the year from the Nativity of Christ.

Follonica . August 15 – fireworks at sea.

Siena . August 16 – Palio horse race.

Forte dei Marmi . August 28 – a celebration in honor of the patron Saint of the city Ermette.

Montepulciano . the last Sunday of August – medieval feast and driving drums “bravio delle Botti”

Elba Island . the beginning of September – international festival “Elba – musical island of Europe”.

Scarperia . the beginning of September –medieval feast.

Arezzo . the first Sunday of September – the Saracens tournament.

Volterra . the first Sunday of September – holiday flags «Artilugio”.

Impruneta . September – October – the grape festival.

Montalcino . the last Sunday of October – the reconstruction of the tournament of archers and gastronomic “the festival of the thrush”.

Lucca . the end of October-beginning of November – International festival of comics and games “Lucca comics and games”.

San Miniato . the last three weekends of November – the white truffle fair.

Siena . medieval fair.

Florence . the beginning or the middle of November – International documentary film festival «Festival dei Popoli”.

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