Festivals and celebrations in Hong Kong

Many people dream to visit Hong Kong and see with your own eyes this city is to walk along the waterfront, climb to Victoria Peak, overlooking the famed panorama. But Hong Kong is not only a modern city with a palisade of skyscrapers and interesting places for every taste. The most striking thing is how regional residents follow the habits, respect and love their culture. You make sure that if you visit here during one of classic holidays or festivals.

Festivities at the time of the Chinese new year is undoubtedly the main event of the year, but the holiday calendar is not limited to a single celebration in Hong Kong is a year-round dazzling holidays. In may and July there will be several festivals that will be a fascinating tour.

In Hong Kong dates holidays tied to the Lunar calendar, because of this relatively familiar to us Gregorian they change every year.

In June are 3 festival devoted significant for Hong Kong residents believer holidays.

11 may in Hong Kong allocate birthday ocean goddess tin Hau – the patron of sailors and fishermen. The life and welfare of Hong Kong are inextricably linked with the sea, so residents belong to this goddess with reverence and devoted to her more than 70 churches. In them and hongkongers tend to ask the mighty goddess of prosperity, the rich catch and great weather in the upcoming G. But the most curious things in this day do not happen in Hong Kong, and in Suicune: where directed, a colorful procession of junks – a classic Hong Kong boats. They hongkongers taking gifts to the goddess tin Hau. They move to the main temple but Miao (famous temple) to bring festive gifts.

June 25, Hong Kong residents allocate Buddha’s birthday.

According to the legend, 9 dragons brought water to redeem the newborn Buddha, hence the tradition of the washing of figures of the Buddha on his birthday. The biggest manifestation of this tradition can be seen in the Lin monastery, which is located on Lantau island, near one of the most famous attractions of Hong Kong, a statue of a sitting Buddha. For Hong Kongers ‘ this procedure symbolizes the purification of the soul. Another classic ritual associated with this celebration, eating special cookies that deliberately make bitter, and green tint cookies cannot be represented appetizing. But in this ritual there is a hidden meaning: eating this not the sweetest cookie is a representation of passing through the difficulties and pain, the man discovers his renewed strength and the ability to cherish the important things.

Happy birthday Buddha converges birthday of another deity, which spoils the conquerors of the seas and fishermen – There is Kuna. The main place of celebration – Cathedral, consecrated in honor of the Lord, which is located in Shau Kei Wan. To highlight the birthday of this the Lord made with a colorful parade and lion dances and dragon. By the way, the temple is also enthusiasm for tourists: here are stored the old modification of the traditional Hong Kong boats – junks and dragon boat.

In June on the island of Chenchu passes the feast of buns. Prepares for regional residents begin for a long time, because they need to make and decorate the figures of the gods of papier mache, to create a tower of bamboo and bake enough scones to handle their tower. At the time of the festival, from 22 to 26 June, the citizens of the island are paraded through the streets of the island’s statues of deities, have a parade, justify dancing lions and dragons, and the culmination of the celebration becomes a competition, which overcomes the participant who received the most highest rolls.

June 20 in Hong Kong will undergo a peer who is among the three most spectacular, — it’s a feast for the dragon boat.

On this day residents of the city remember the Chinese poet, scholar and wise Federal worker Chiu Yuan. This man lived in the third century before our era and was doing everything possible to bring abundance and prosperity to China, but the Emperor almost did not direct attention to the suggestions that said Chiu yuan. Hoping to attract the attention of the Governor, Chiu yuan had finished with him, having drowned in the waters of the river Mi Lo. Regional residents really appreciated it, and took their boat, went in search of the body, and to scare the fish, people started to hit the drums. This remarkable fact, and lay down at the base of the traditions of the festival boats dragon, which once a year brings together teams of rowers from different countries of the world.

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