Famous festivals April

Famous festivals April.The celebration of the birth of the Buddha in the Lotus lantern Festival in Seoul, South Korea

There are amazing events all over the world. Here is a bit of what you can see and do in April :

Do you need light in your life? Over 100,000 lights illuminate the streets of Seoul in the Lotus during the lantern Festival (April 25-27), this celebration occurs annually, as a tribute in memory of the birth of the Buddha. The three-day festival, which is decorated in traditional songs. dancing, and art and street cafes in abundance. It all ends with the celebration of the mass parade through the heart of the capital of South Korea.

Celebrate the arrival of spring – in 360 degree splendor – this year, on the Festivals of tulips (16 April -4 may) in the Central Netherlands. Every year thousands of visitors flock to the Noordoostpolder (region)- the land of tulips – for Hiking and Cycling excursions, or trips to the car or carriage through the fields that almost explode with the color of the tulips.

Follow the rhythm of the drums in the largest Pow-wow in North America. Thousands of indigenous dancers, drummers, singers, artists, artisans and merchants, representing more than 500 tribes will converge on Albuquerque, new Mexico, for the gathering of Nations ( April 24-26 ).

Listen to music by J. S. Bach . where he lived and worked in Thuringia Bach Festival (11 April -4 may), Germany. The theme of the annual musical tribute this year, which has many concerts organized in the places connected with the life of the composer, is ” Father and son” – a nod to the 300-th anniversary of the birth of the son of Bach, Philip Emanuel. who followed in the steps of the famous father .

Carpet of flowers and colored sawdust typical Semana Santa (Holy week) in Antigua, Guatemala.

To be a part of a time-honored tradition in the incomparable setting in Semana Santa (April 6-13 ) in Antigua, Guatemala. You don’t have to be Christian to appreciate the skill difficult marches which characterize this Easter holiday or a beautiful ” carpets ” of flowers and colored sawdust. which convert this colonial town into a work of art.

Let your inner pagan essence out to play on Walpurgis night (April 30) in Schierke, Germany (30 April). Don your best witch costume and join thousands of visitors at the foot of the highest peak in Northern Germany, to celebrate the coming of spring and to ward off evil spirits around a roaring campfire. Live music and the rousing parade will conclude this diabolical event.

Georgia is known for peaches . but there is one tree that turns heads this time of year. Go to the Atlanta dogwood festival ( April 11-13 ), to see the delicate flowers in peak bloom.

Flaming Lips will perform at the Animoog Playground in Asheville, North Carolina

Experience the beauty of Asheville . the state of North Carolina. with a side of electronic music at Moogfest (April 23-27 ). This annual festival – which is dedicated to the synthesis technology. art and music and honors the legacy of visionary musician Dr. Robert Moog – who is in a League of its own and girded on a high mission. ” of Course for the future of the unknown image and sound ” .

Want to test your limits ? Thousands of runners will test your endurance at the annual Dead sea Ultra marathon ( April 4) in Amman, Jordan. Starting in a neighborhood of Bayader Wadi seer. runners will run on the sidewalks. The length of the race 50 kilometers ( about 31 miles). Shorter runs are available for the less ambitious among us.

Speaking of endurance. you need to spend some time in the Feria de San Marcos, a 23-day party in Aguascalientes, Mexico (April 19 – may 11 ). This ancient festival has it all: – Rodeo shows, traditional dishes. craft, a bullfight. jump. carnival rides. the celebration doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. At night the city Bajío is “literally abuzz with Mariachi brass. “

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Famous festivals April
Famous festivals April.The celebration of the birth of the Buddha in the Lotus lantern Festival in Seoul, South Korea There are amazing events all over the world. Here is a…

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