Fall: festivals and celebrations of the world

Bright and slightly sad time of the year prepared their entertainment for those who could not get summers off. Let’s meet some holidays September, October, and November .

Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany). September 19 — October 4.

The traditional beer festival this year will be about 6 million fans of beer.

Adult flow like rivers of beer, and in the famous tent “Festhalle” you can learn the secrets of the history of German Breweries. For children prepared rides, which this year has increased.

On the first Saturday of the festival is the traditional parade.

Autumn palette parks (Moscow, Russia).

Parks Imperial palaces for quiet walks. Be sure to stop in Kolomenskoye (PR-t Andropova, 39) and tsarina (street Dolsky, 1).

Take your time and get ready to spend the whole day among the stunningly beautiful scenery. In the parks, guided tours, rental.

Autumn tour (Japan, Kyoto).

Enjoy nature go to Japan, not only during the cherry blossom. Autumn is the time of tours through the gardens and parks. In Kyoto, the ancient capital of the country — tourists will find an extensive program of visits to the Philosophical stone garden.

You can also stroll down “the geisha quarter” to admire “tea houses” and their sophisticated inmates.

Festival season (new Mexico, Santa Fe).

The main event of the festival season in Santa Fe is, of course, the burning of Zozobra.

Fifteen doll full of notices about taxes, divorce and other unfortunate events that destroy. A ticket for the show will cost$ 10.

The program of the wine festival season, car and motorcycle shows and more.

Pirate week (Cayman Islands). 12 — November 22.

Annual historical pageant event is held in memory of those times when the archipelago was a haven of the corsairs.

The peak of the holiday will be November 10th: on this day on the island “invade” the pirates on two old sailing ships. Corsairs take prisoner the Governor of Georgetown.

The audience of the festival, thousands of tourists and locals.

Mid-autumn festival (Asia). On 27 September.

One of the most popular Asian holidays symbolizes fertility and harvest. In Hong Kong during the festival the streets are carrying the fire dragon, made of thousands of incense sticks.

In China lit the lanterns and give each other “moon cakes”. In Thailand street festival takes place.

Day Of The Dead (Mexico). 1 — 2 November.

The origins of the festival lie in the culture of the Aztecs and Maya, the veneration of ancestors. The cult of the dead organically fit into the Christian life of Mexico.

These days in homes suit altars, square decoration remind of the cemetery, and nightly processions are, of course, also the graveyard. Holiday made the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO.

World championship Mustache and Beard (Austria). 2 — 4 October.

The competition attracts owners of a magnificent mustache and beard. Judges will determine the winners in categories such as Imperial mustache, Dali mustache, mustache Musketeers and so on.

For the first time an unusual championship was held in 1990-m to year in the German city Höfen-on-Ence. This year it will be held in the Austrian town of Saalfelden.

Food festivals.

Autumn — the best time for foodies. From 24 to 27 September will be held the oyster Festival, and in October the Italian town of Alba invites to the white truffle season.

From 7 to 13 September, Bangkok hosts the world gourmet festival, which is attended by the best chefs in the world. And it’s not all “delicious” autumn festivals.

“Open house” (UK, London). 19 — 20 September.

During the festival, the doors of hundreds of homes and institutions in London and the surrounding area are open to visitors. In previous years students were invited to enter the official residence of the Prime Minister of great Britain, the town hall, the residence of the Mayor of London the mansion house and the city’s financial center — the Bank of England.

This time attracts the most ambitious system of treatment facilities. Similar actions are taking place in other European cities.

Nice fall travel!

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