Doll Venetian carnival

Share a terrific find – doll series Venice carnival! For collectors and lovers of porcelain dolls is a real treasure! Fortunately, these dolls are on sale in Russia.

Where to buy. Section to them found in Ozone.

Section is called the Elves and dolls. The elves are already more or less familiar, but these dolls. A real collector’s variant, unusual and very interesting.


Some dolls (I liked most) made in the form of cats and cats dressed like people. an indescribable feeling of fairy tale, carnival, celebration, Venice, and somehow the thought of France evoke.

What are traditional Venetian images? This is primarily a cat, Citizen, Dr. Plague, Bauta Venetian Lady. Popular also masks and outfits that came in the carnival tradition has been on the scaffolding street theatre Venice – Pulcinella, Columbine, Pierrot, harlequin, Pedrolino…

The price of the dolls are quite reasonable, about $ 1000, height of doll – 30 cm

Material: textiles, ceramics, metal.

Doll Cat (she is pictured right above) from the collection of Venetian carnival dolls made by all the canons of a carnival characters . The cat is dressed in elegant dress, decorated with silk ribbons, colored lace, beads. Collar dress is adorned with cute brooch, made from a large amber rhinestone and pearl color beads. On his head wearing a lace hat with colorful silk ribbons and a large flower in front. In the cat’s paw – a bouquet of flowers. Muzzle, paws and boots made of ceramic (porcelain).

Torso doll is a metal frame, with arms and legs moving and well flexed . Doll is intended for play, and for interior decoration.

There in the directory – porcelain doll of a girl, different height, and have large.

The example on the left.

Venetian carnival masks – the best known and most ancient, the most original and unexpected: here is the Kingdom of masks and life itself resembles a theatrical stage among the channels. Dancing in the squares, magnificent gold-embroidered and jewelled costumes. The Venetian carnival is the greatest festival of Italy, which annually attracts thousands of participants and spectators from different countries. The Venetian carnival is one of the oldest carnivals in the world: he was born during the middle Ages, when the total duration of any holidays was a few months a year. Spiritual parents of this magnificent event can be considered a Venetian aristocrats who invented it in order to justify their desire to flaunt in front of each other in unusual costumes and masks.

Cat (Gatto) – popular Venetian way at the carnival. Cats in Venice was short, so they were treated very respectfully, and even dedicated one of them carnival masks.

There was a legend about how one day some Chinese guy came here penniless, but with a cat. The cat was old and decrepit, but he caught all the Palace mice, and surprised and delighted ruler. The animal remained in Venice, and the Chinese returned home a rich man.

One wealthy neighbors happy Chinese that time in Europe, even for a worthless cat pay such a price, the precious silk will give everything. When the merchant arrived with a cargo of silks in Venice, the ruler was so excited about the fabrics that I offered to give them the most valuable thing he has – what was it? The same old cat. -) The dealer agreed, not knowing what his reward is promised “most valuable”. So poor old cat – great value – was again in China.


Doll Venetian carnival
Share a terrific find - doll series Venice carnival! For collectors and lovers of porcelain dolls is a real treasure! Fortunately, these dolls are on sale in Russia. Where to…

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