Cuba – festival of Cuban cigars.

Holidays in different countries.

Cuba – festival of Cuban cigars.

The festival can rightly be called an international celebration, the celebration brings together representatives from 60 countries. It is approximately 600 tobacco manufacturers, collectors and Amateurs to smoke good cigars.

After all, the Havana cigar is a 100% natural product. She has a wildly popular and her fans are willing to pay dearly to experience the exquisite pleasure. Famous Winston Churchill never parted with aromatic Cuban cigar. Trying times, he smoked during his life about 300 thousand pieces. He often jokingly said, “I make war on those who would dare me to take a cigar”.

Cuban cigars appeared many centuries ago, in the days of Christopher Columbus. Thanks to the fertile Cuban land, the warm and bright sun, the favourable climate and the special ability to produce cigars – they are the best and the most expensive in the world. They have incorporated a special range of taste which they were presented with this beautiful exotic country. Tradition not only of Cuba, but also in many countries of the world became an afternoon cigar, which gladly smoke with a good glass of white wine or brandy.

The programme is very diverse. First of all, the tour visits to the best tobacco plantations, which are situated in Pinar del Rio and in the Vuelta Abajo. Then visit factories which manufacture cigars. Surprisingly, in the factories there are special rollers that hand-rolled tobacco leaves. And so they do not have to perform monotonous work, hired a special staff that entertains them. They fulfill all the requests of rollers: read books, tell jokes or the latest news, you can even sing and dance. It is considered that with what mood rolled cigar, the taste of her will. At the factory you can not only taste the cigar, but also take a master class on their twisting.

In the city during the festival shopping fair, which is a huge selection of cigars. According to experts, this cigar smoked from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. The great value has its manufacturing method. So on the boxes there are always inscriptions: whether the cigars entirely by hand, just manually, when the content of tobacco there is a technical way or Packed manually. Varieties of cigars a lot, and each of them is characterized by its castle, the property of burning, taste and aroma.

At the fair, live music, dancing, and having fun. Thousands of people gather to have fun in this wonderful holiday. It also hosts auctions and various competitions. Arranged a special lunch where you can smoke a cigar with an exquisite glass of wine. For each sort of cigars served your wine.

Closes the festival halo-a Grand dinner and a concert with fireworks and fireworks.

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