Carnival in Brazil

Famous carnivals, starting in February 2013 – primarily Brazilian and Venetian, will not remain without Russian tourists, but the demand for these thematic tours are completely different. So, the majority of Russian tourists visiting carnivals – individuals, especially the “middle”, Venetian carnival, where tangible growth of our tourist traffic tour operators do not watch. But the demand for tour packages to the Brazilian carnival of the tour operators rather increases, and at a significant pace.

“the Last three years seen increased demand for the thematic programme on carnival in Brazil “, – has confirmed to the correspondent of infogroup “TOURPROM” Tatyana Vand. the CEO of a tour operator ’s Vand international “. According to the expert, for three years, during which are thematic tours, can be clearly seen by the changing dynamics of demand growth. «If last year’s Brazilian carnival we are barely closed, but now the demand is much more active. For the second group close”, – said Tatyana Vand.

The growth of demand for Brazil show and other market experts: “We are seeing the growing popularity of routes to Brazil as a whole. We can say that the direction is recovered from the slump of 2009, and the carnival here – one of the points of attraction. The applications are quite active and continue to go at the moment”, – said Pauline Geller, head of the Brazilian destinations tour operator ’Astravel “. Moreover, the expert was informed that interest to the Brazilian carnival show and also enterprise tourists. According to Tatyana Vand in the winter season, a point of attraction for tourists to Brazil is carnival, and the combined program ’s carnival + holiday” met with considerably less interest. However, the high mass, the direction is no different. “this year at the carnival in Rio, we sent two groups of 30 plus people 20-30 individuals», – said Tatyana Vand.

Still, a large proportion of individual tourists in a closer direction – going to the carnival in Italy. “most of the increase in orders at the Venice carnival is coming at the expense of individual tourists, they make up 70% of the total tourist arrivals, group tours are filled worse”, – said Tatyana Vand. “For group tours to Italy the week of carnival is not considered a period of surge and high season», – said Oksana, Luonteva. the CEO of a tour operator ’s Danko Travel “. Most of the growth in demand for Venetian carnival assessment expert also provide individual tourists. “the Carnival is quite popular, but the hype is not and never has been. Sales are going well, but to say that they cause a boom – it is impossible, usually at this event sent from 100 to 300 tourists”, summed up the expert.

However, some experts note the increasing interest of the Venetian carnival and group travelers: “today, we celebrate the 30% increase in tourist arrivals at the Venice carnival in comparison with last year. Most likely, this figure will increase as time in order to obtain a tour on the carnival of Venice, still enough”, commented Julia Berdnikova, the head of the Italian Department of the company ’s PAC group “. According to the expert, group programs typically combine three days “dip” in the carnival with a General tour of Venice or Italy. The cost of this visit – 500-600 € without flights, depending on the rest of the route.

The main problems of the carnival week for tour operators and universal in General do not differ from those of other mass events – first and foremost, is the high price. “the Cost of hotels in this period, especially in carnival cities, significantly higher, which constrains demand from tourists», – said Oksana Luonteva. «We book the seats at the carnival in Brazil hotels in Rio de Janeiro really in advance, but the main difficulty for the sale of such tours – very expensive tickets», – said Tatyana Vand.


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