Carnival Brazil

Among themselves addictive and entertaining shows in the world can be safely attributed to the Brazilian carnivals. This event is considered the most important for every Brazilian. And not without reason say that the Brazilians live from carnival to carnival.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This phenomenal action dream of millions of people. Every year no matter what all Brazil is immersed in the noisy and bright holiday engulfed in the fiery rhythms of Samba and the continuous rumble of the drums.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is held once a year, in the month of February, at the height of the Brazilian summer. The Fiesta starts on Saturdays and lasts for four days and nights.

This is the most expensive and most luxurious spectacle in the world. The streets of the city during the carnival are filled with parades of Samba swirl sequin and billowing skirts of the dancers.

Currently, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro represents the most organized and the Grand Brazil carnival. Each year, the rhythms of Samba penetrate into the blood of all the guests and participants of this action, and for five days the whole of Brazil is converted to an African country.

The Carnival is traditionally attended by the twelve Samba schools. Each of these schools has an impact on cultural life in the country, they account for tens of thousands of their fans who think that their the best Samba school.

The basis of the whole carnival are the Samba schools. Competition between schools for the right to be the best makes you work the whole complex mechanism, involving hundreds of thousands of participants. What actually represents a Samba school?

In fact, it’s pretty simple. This school represents a community of people who believe that they know how to dance Samba best. As a General rule this school combines the three to five thousand people, most of whom will take part in the carnival procession. These people work on throughout the year just to get into the top six Samba schools, as well as to show your art to the finals of the event at the sambadrome.

Any person may appear that the carnival is a celebration that continues throughout one week of the year. But in reality it is not. You can not even take into account the fact that throughout the year, preparing carts, costumes are sewn, continue regular exercise and written music. Here in Brazil, the concept of carnival is much more than just a nation-wide festivities or commercial enterprise, which lasts for many months, and captures the minds of many people. The carnival is just a way of thinking. It is safe to say that Brazil was the only country in the world, where he held full carnivalization of life.

The carnival in Salvador. Carnival in Salvador is somewhat different from the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. He represents the best of Afro-Brazilian music and performances by various groups, called societies Afoxe. Among these groups, we can identify the group Filhos de Gandhi (Gandhi Children). They are dressed in white tunics and blue turbans. Like many other groups, they take part in the procession.

The group is formed by the two platforms. The orchestra is at the head of the procession on the main platform. Platform surrounded by dancing marchers. With platforms rushes such catchy music that is almost impossible to stand still. All around having fun, dancing, singing and joking. Unlike carnival in Rio de Janeiro here everyone can take part in the procession. To participate in the parade, enough to buy a t-shirt (Abada) that entitles everyone, without exception, to accede to any group.

The carnival in Recife. This carnival is held during the last week of October. The ego is also called Resipole. The carnival in Recife is held in the form of a festive procession through the streets of the city. During the Carnival the streets goes over two million people and for seven days they dance traditional dances. In the center of many thousands procession towering giant doll.

In Brazil, city Recife is called the capital of frevo music original style of music and dance with an umbrella. This dance was the main theme of the carnival in Recife and Olinda. Musical style Frevo characteristic of North-East Brazil. During this carnival, the inhabitants of both cities take to the streets and take part in a festive procession.

In Brazil, the Carnival is a way of life of every Brazilian and the entire state.

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