If your visit to Barcelona falls at the end of February, so you will have a great opportunity to spend your holiday bright and unforgettable!

You can get acquainted with local traditions and customs. many hearty and tasty meal and just have fun. visiting the carnival in Barcelona. This year the celebration will begin on February 27 and will continue until March 5, inclusive.

This festival is not unlike any other, in every corner of the world has its own tradition and celebration. Widely famous Brazilian carnivals with their spectacular show and carnival in Venice. wherein the special elegance.

In Spain is as strong carnival tradition. Parades are held in many cities. The Catalan capital is no exception. Carnival in Barcelona — one of the most colorful festivals of the city.

In Catalonia, this holiday is called Carnestoltes and is very popular. despite the fact that was banned for over forty years. when the Franco era. Carnivals are held before Lent. at this time, people want as much as possible to enjoy everything in a short time will be strictly prohibited. This procession was a symbol of unlimited freedom, a time when you can enjoy plenty of delicious food, indulge in the fun and entertainment.

Nowadays, the carnival in Barcelona is a bright, cheerful celebration and happy and involved adults and children.

When conducting carnival Catalans important role to gastronomic pleasures .

In the streets of Barcelona open small markets, where the gastronomic festivals. There are competitions for the best and original design market stalls and carnival costumes.

While the restaurants and bars in the city offer special menus.

On the first day of the carnival, it’s called “Fat Thursday”, various culinary competitions. The most popular of which — a competition to cook a traditional dish called tortilla. It is based on an omelet with potatoes, add other ingredients. sweet peppers, beans, mushrooms, ham and cheese, it all depends on the imagination of the chef.

Judges will evaluate the palatability, the combination of ingredients, originality of serving dishes. And the audience has the chance to participate in the tasting.

Barcelona and all Catalonia, famous for its sausages and meats, ibid., at market on open braziers are preparing meat dishes. You can also try all the possible Spanish snacks “tapas”.

During carnival week in Barcelona will be different parades of actors, singers, musicians, dancers.

Carnival — it is a festival, full of bright colors and dressing room, where each person can become the very mixed character.

On the streets reigns the King of Carnival, Rei Carnestoltes as it is called in Catalonia, he runs a holiday during the week, at the end of the festivities the king dies and takes a holiday with them.

Organizes various competitions for the best costume and participate with their families or groups. The winners are selected not only according to the suit, but also for the atmosphere that they create around themselves and the ability to engage in the carnival procession the largest possible number of participants.

The carnival opens with a festive procession in “Fat Thursday” and end with a ritual called “the funeral of the Sardine” in “ash Wednesday”. Huge fake sardine is placed in a coffin, and mourners, dressed in black and carry it through the streets of Barcelona, the procession is accompanied by a procession of “mourners” dressed in costumes, live music, drumming.

The procession moves to the sea, where on the beach lit the pyre and sardine transmits the fire. After that, the sky light the fireworks, and the braziers that are installed on the streets, preparing thousands of sardines, which are distributed free of charge to everyone.

Another very famous Catalan Carnival held in the seaside town of Sitges, just outside Barcelona. He is the second most popular similar performances in Spain. It begins with the appearance of the King and Queen of carnival, who open the festival. During the festive week of city streets will be filled with people in colorful costumes. The most colorful parades are held in the old part of town, located close to the sea. The whole night will be bars and discos. Week of fun and colorful showmanship non stop.

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