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First celebration of New year in Russia

With the establishment of Christianity in Russia, New year was celebrated on 1 September (according to the Byzantine calendar). But around 1700, Peter I issued a decree on the celebration of the New Year on 1 January (European style). Were established and certain rules of the celebration of this celebration: the decoration of houses fir branches, a salute in honor of the holiday, etc. To mark the national holiday of the New year fired from guns, launched fireworks, illuminations blazed. People sang songs, had fun, ustrial folk festivals, danced, and gave each other gifts, etc. Peter I tried every year to make New year not worse or poorer than in Europe.

Initially, the main symbol of New Year – Christmas tree decorated to make evil force for good. Today on the evil forces of long ago no one remembers, but, nevertheless, the tree remains a symbol of the holiday.

Thus, from the 1700’s the New year was fixed in the Russian calendar, and the celebration itself began to be secular. New European customs very quickly caught on among the Slavs, as earlier in the season they celebrated the Christmas holidays, so guessing, sledding and ice skating, merry mummers celebrations, dances around the tree, leaping over fires very well and come to celebrate the New year.

Age Of Santa Claus

Where did Santa Claus and how old is he? Think it ever asked this question.

Santa Claus is not just a symbol of the New Year, but also one of the most popular fairy tale characters in children.

It would seem, we know that white-haired old man with a beard and a red nose since childhood, and it seems that it exists for a very long time. But, as it turned out, he is the youngest of all Russian fairy tale characters. The exact age of the old man is not known, it is believed that he is only 100-150 years. But it was mentioned even in the ancient days when the Frost composed tales and legends. He was introduced as harsh and angry owner of forests and fields, who brought to earth the Blizzard, the cold and frost. Names he had many: someone called him Jack frost, some frost, and someone respectful – Moroz Ivanovich. He was treated as a sort of idol master winter, so they would present him with gifts that he became kinder .

And only much later, when Russia began to celebrate the New year according to the European style, Santa Claus made a symbol of celebration. His image has undergone changes: his character mellowed and now he began to present gifts to people.

The image of Santa Claus in the entire history of its existence has undergone many changes. To become the Santa Claus we know today, he had to walk a long history. In different countries are completely different ancestors DEAT Frost: someone thinks those dwarves, some wandering jugglers and street vendors of soft toys, you can use this list to find the spirit of the cold young moon and even a real person! The story is this: In the IV century in Myra (Turkey) lived Archbishop named Nicholas. The legend says that one day he was throwing up in the house of the distressed family of knots with the money saved thereby from starvation three daughters. After the death of Nicholas was buried in the Church, and declared a Saint. But in the XI century, after the robbery of the Church, the remains of Nicholas were stolen by Italian pirates. This has led to an international scandal, and then to St. Nicholas began to worship Christians from all over the world. And on the day 19 December – St. Nicholas day – all the children began to give gifts, because so did Saint Nicholas himself. After this, the Saint began to visit the kids for Christmas and later for the New year. Everywhere it is called in different ways: in England and America – Santa Claus; in Holland – Synthe-Klaas; in Spain Papa Noel; in Romania – Mosh of Garile, and we have Santa Claus.

Long story and at the suit of Santa Claus. Initially, on the found materials, Santa Claus was depicted in the cloak. In the nineteenth century, the Dutch depicted Santa with a pipe, cleaning chimneys, into which he threw his Christmas gifts. Then they put on him a scarlet red coat with white fur. Still later, in America, Santa Claus “endowed” beard. And soon in England, there was a final version of Santa Claus, izvestno everyone today – the old fat guy with a beard.


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